How much snow does it take to cancel school? It's the question kids have asked for ages and a map claims to know the answer for what it takes in the tri-state area.

Before I share what I found on Reddit, I want to be clear that I completely disagree with this. In my experience, it took a lot more snow than this for the school districts to throw up the white flag of surrender. Now that I have that out of the way, this is the map that was shared on Reddit showing different shades of blue to show how much snow must fall before it's a snow day. The darker the blue, the more snow it takes.

The map graphic is a little small, so to keep you from squinting I'll tell you that it shows around 3 inches of snow being the threshold for a snow day being called in the tri-state school districts. Have I mentioned that this is way off from what I've experienced. I would definitely put us in the "at least 6 inches" category before it's time to put the backpack down and watch Gilligan's Island reruns all day.

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I haven't seen an update so far this year, but normally you'll see the Quincy Public Schools and Hannibal Public Schools share how many snow days they're allowing for a calendar year.

I don't want to sound like the old man in the room, but it took a heck of a lot more snow than just 3 inches to cancel school during my education time. We walked to school through 3 feet of snow and/or lava and we liked it.

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