I was having a conversation over the past weekend pertaining to local TV weathermen/women. We were talking about people who have worked doing the weather at WGEM and KHQA over the years when the mention of the "weatherbird" came up.

You have to go back to the late 70s and early 80s to remember Gary Schmedding using the "weatherbird" as part of his forecasts on channel 7. Gary was also the Operation's Director at KHQA-TV and WTAD Radio, and he was the guy who called me out of the blue and offered me a job to move from Kansas City to Quincy. Funny how things happen.

My weekend conversation then shifted to all of the people who have done the weather on TV in this market. That list is quite long. You might think including Marty Dmytrik and Tammy O'Neal, to name two. We named off quite a few names during our conversation. Some I remembered and some I didn't.

So I ask you, can you name some of the people who did weather on TV over the years in the Hannibal-Quincy area? I am sure there are others I forgot about.

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