I'm gonna give my best effort to not sound like a fanboy about this. Do you know how many Cracker Barrels there are in Missouri and Illinois? A new ranking by state reveals the number, but in my opinion this isn't even close to being enough.

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I'll give 24/7 Wall St their due in coming up with the brilliant idea of doing a fingers and toes count of Cracker Barrels across America. Not surprising that Florida is #1 as there's one about every 5 feet in that region.

How many Cracker Barrels are there in Missouri and Illinois?

  • Illinois - 21
  • Missouri - 17

Most of the Missouri Cracker Barrels are south of I-70 with one in Columbia (next to I-70) being the one my family has dined at the most.

Why aren't there more Cracker Barrels in our part of Missouri and Illinois?

My understanding is Cracker Barrel began as a southern brand. Their official website says their menus used to be handwritten and the locations used to sell gas, too.

But wait, there's hope...

I got excited when I saw the Cracker Barrel website mention they are expanding saying "That’s why we’re excited about being able to offer our signature Cracker Barrel fried chicken into areas we’ve never been before." The problem is the context of that statement involves Uber Eats and Door Dash access. (*frowny face*)

I am a realist and understand our part of northeast Missouri and west-central Illinois likely doesn't have the population to support a Cracker Barrel locally, but that doesn't stop my hoping.

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