I am a rabbit owner although if truth be known, the rabbit really owns me. This is the story of how a tiny bunny has taken over our Missouri home and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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Two months ago, I adopted a small 6-month-old rabbit from the Northeast Missouri Humane Society. My wife, kids and I renamed her "Daisy" in honor of the famous Doc Holliday phrase from the movie Tombstone "Isn't that a daisy?". This is a progress report about how things are going and I can summarize it in one sentence:

Daisy has taken over.

This is my view most mornings before I head to the radio station and after I get home at night. Daisy follows me everywhere I go.

Photo, Doc Holliday, Townsquare Media
Photo, Doc Holliday, Townsquare Media

This little rabbit now even has her own Facebook page and is accumulating followers faster than me.

Things I've learned about rabbits in two months

Rabbits need space to run. When we originally adopted her, a cage from her previous owner was provided, but it wasn't nearly big enough to give her room to adventure. We worked to dedicate almost 25% of our living room to an enclosure that gives her around 10 feet to run. She loves it.

Rabbits need frequent attention. Having only dealt with wild rabbits around our property previously, I was accustomed to bunnies running from me. Daisy runs AT ME. She loves sitting on my chest and licking my hand. It's both weird and awesome.

Rabbits can jump and do. It sounds like a dumb fact to mention as most people know rabbits can jump, but imagine that in your house. She's also blindingly fast and that 35 mph estimate by the humane society isn't wrong. She doesn't appear to be running as much as she'll just suddenly appear at different places in our living room. The Flash has nothing on her.

Would I adopt her again knowing what I know now?

Absolutely. The Northeast Missouri Humane Society made the process easy and this little rabbit has become a member of our family we'd never want to do without. Being a rabbit dad or mom isn't for the faint of heart, but the payoff is more than worth it. I've had many cats and dogs in my life, but none were more loving (most of the time) than Daisy. She's taken over our home and we do love it.

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