The Canadians are mad and they're not gonna take it anymore and they want everyone in Chicago to know it. That really happened (more or less) as a real group of "Canadians" (birds) seemed to stage an epic protest that stopped traffic in a Chicago street.

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I first saw this fun moment shared on the Illinois sub-Reddit. It was referencing "Expatriate Canadians Protest Fossil Fuel in Chicago". Right. Canadian Geese that is.

Good one, but a word of warning about messing with geese. I tried to pet one at the St. Louis Zoo once (or was it a duck?) and got bit hard. I still have a scar.

One other note. If you watch until the end of the video, you'll notice these "Canadians" left a present in the streets for the Chicagoans. Droppings.

the1stMikeC via YouTube
the1stMikeC via YouTube

Well played, geese. Well played. I have no idea if these birds are really mad about all the fossil fuel being burned by Chicago drivers, but I figure the Windy City is likely guilty of something. For now, I'll side with the "Canadians".

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