Well I am no Eminem, but I have been in the radio business for about 14 years. Let me introduce myself. Hi, my name Samantha Barnes, or Sam for short, and I love radio. I am a local girl from Canton, MO, but was born in Brooklyn, New York (but I am a Cardinals fan). I guess you can say that my radio career, started with my high school band teacher, Mr. Berry, who introduced me to the wonderful world of music. I learned about all different genres from classical to blues and hip hop to pop. He’s the reason I feel in love with music.

I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University (GO BEARCATS), and started my journey into radio. I remember listening to Jeff Dorsey and Dennis Oliver and thinking, “Man, that must be the coolest job ever. You get to listen to music, talk on the radio, and it always sounded like they were having fun.”  And yes, it is the coolest job ever; there is more to radio then just the music, but I won’t bore you with the details. Just know, it truly is the coolest job ever.

Make sure you tune in to me weekdays on Y101 from 3pm to 7pm and 97.9 KICK FM from 10am to 2pm. I am excited to be a part of the Y101 KICK-FM/Townsquare Media family and look forward to meeting all of you in the Tri-States.


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