Baseball fans around the country should be upbeat and happy about the dawning of a new season. Instead they are constantly being bombarded by stories about the cheating scandal of the Houston Astros.  Well I have a solution!Caught in the middle of the debacle is Major League baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred. For those not following the story, the 2017 Astros were caught cheating by relaying the pitching signals to the batter before those pitches were thrown giving them an obvious advantage when hitting.

After a thorough investigation, which included immunity for the players who were questioned, the Commissioner fined Houston the maximum allowed of $5 million. Houston's owner then fired his General Manager as well as his Field Manager as a result of the investigation. What is now happening is players from other teams are now wanting those Houston players to be punished for their actions despite the immunity they received.

There appears to be very little more the Commissioner can do.  Or is there something else?  Since Commissioner Manfred and I actually attended the same high school in Rome, New York, I feel compelled to help him out.  So I have come up with a plan he might want to consider.

In 2017 the Astros won the World Series defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Astros won more than the World Series trophy and rings for their October effort. According to TMZ Sports,  Major League Baseball announced in 2017 that the $438,901.57 bonus checks Houston players received for their playoff games were the highest in league history.

I propose, that all of the post season money won by the Astros in 2017 be mandated to be returned immediately.  That money should go into a special fund to be disseminated to Little League organizations around the country to help pay for kids to be able to afford to play Littler League baseball.

This solution won't end the sting of what baseball has been put through, but it will directly affect the players involved and provide a positive end result to help baseball recover in the long run.

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