Fans came. Cops came. I learned what a “Bieber Tracker” is. I questioned every choice I’ve made in my life that had led me to now knowing what a “Bieber Tracker” is. That part when on for a while. I won’t bore you with the details.


The entire Hamilton Police Department (all four of ‘em) were called in to keep fans safe as they freaked the hell out over the faint possibility of a Bieber sighting. Spoiler alert: there were no Bieber sightings.

Nonetheless, these four police officers (with the assistance of the state police) had to put in an additional eight hours of overtime during the stay which came out to be around $2,000 according to

Police chief Robb Bell says they did send a bill to Bieber’s people, though it is unclear what might become of it. More likely than not, this one falls on the people of Hamilton.