Last week I posted a story about a friendly domesticated Duck that has been residing at Moorman Lake for the summer. He'd been there since May and has basically been "adopted" by those who walk in the park or fish there. Unfortunately, he apparently was shot with perhaps a pellet gun and was found wounded by someone in the park. After posting that story, I have been asked by several people about the duck's status. The duck apparently is doing fine as I drove out to the park to see if he was still there and sure enough he was right by the edge of the water watching me fish and other people walk past him.

I contacted officials at the Quincy Park District Monday and was told they have a plan to try and secure him this week after last week's attempt was unsuccessful. This week's plan, which involves more personnel, is to capture him and take him to a veterinarian, if needed. After that, the Park District has secured a home for the duck through the Quincy Humane Society at a rural farm which will become his permanent home just in time before winter sets in.

At least he will be safe from "unfriendly" (and I use that word loosely) humans. At this point it looks like this story will have a happy ending.



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