Kent Snider, the Vice President of the Adams County Board, spoke to the Quincy Exchange Club last Friday and provided an update on the progress of the ongoing construction of the new Adams County Jail facility. The new jail is expected to be completed in October of next year and is expected to house 192 inmates. The current jail’s capacity is 112 with 140 inmates currently incarcerated.

The new facility will also be big enough that it is hoped that some 10 to 12 cells will be available to house inmates from other locations which would be an income factor for Adams County. There is also the possibility the Illinois State Police may rent a portion of the building as well.

Plus according to Snider, the new facility will have its own in house food service, a laundry service and medical facilities as well. The maintenance costs for the new jail will also be substantially cut from what the county is paying now. The new jail will have a state of the art security system which will provide safety for the county workers as well.

Also, the Quincy Police Department will be moving their headquarters into the new facility which will help was they continually work together with the Adams County Sheriff’s Department on many details. If you were wondering what will happen to the current jail area once the new jail is opened, the plans are to convert it into office space and an evidence storage area.

The estimated cost was projected to be $32.5 million and the completed project may come in under that total at approximately $31.5 to $32 million.  The entire project is to be paid for by sales tax monies with the hope of paying it off in 17 to 18 years.  As of Friday, Snider said the project is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule.


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