The Y101 radio station where we work is at 24th and Broadway in Quincy.

We moved to this location in 1995 and we have been here since then. It is a great location right in the middle of Quincy. During the weekdays many cars pass through this intersection. Some go slow, but a lot of them go fast. Right across from our radio station is the Prairie Farms Dairy location. And from time to time many milk trucks go into that location to unload milk product that the drivers have brought in from the farms around the area. These guys work all the time. You see these milk drivers coming and going 24 hours a day. The milk never stops coming.

Durst's - Quincy, Illinois
Durst's - Quincy, Illinois

Being from Pike County, Illinois, I used to drive a truck in my younger years. Not to get milk, but to bring in corn or beans for our farmer friend who ran the farm. I loved driving those big trucks. Everytime I come to work and see one of those big milk trucks come in to get unloaded across from us it makes me miss my farmer friends back in Pike County. Maybe I should get a job hauling milk from the farms around the area. If someday I do that, I will give you a ride in my milk truck.

Be kind to a farmer, they feed us.

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