If you think we look good on the ground, you should see how Missouri looks from space. You can thanks to pictures taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

I have to thank the Missouri sub-Reddit page for the heads up on this. A user mentioned that there was a brand new picture shared this year of Lake of the Ozarks by an astronaut. As it turns out, there are other relatively new pics from the ISS worth sharing. Check them out.

New Astronaut Pictures of Missouri from the ISS

You don't hear it mentioned very often, but one of the things NASA does a great job of is providing pictures they capture for public viewing. There is an entire page dedicated to just pictures of Missouri from space. Some date back to the early 90's and some are as recent as this year.

It's a rare opportunity to see how very small all of us are in the scheme of things when you can verify you're just a tiny dot from above. Perhaps that's a perspective of how maybe our problems aren't as big as they seem either.

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