Never underestimate the ability of a Missourian to use their sense of humor to attempt to get a personalized plate on their vehicle that would raise your eyebrows. I can prove my point thanks to a new list that the state released of personalized plates they rejected last year.

I saw this shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit page. It was a story by Ozark First that revealed that the Missouri Department of Revenue had provided their list of nearly 400 personalized plate requests they had rejected.

NOTE: virtually all of these are NSFW and not meant for young and/or tender eyes. Even though I've filtered out the more obvious ones, these are still for mature (and I use that word loosely) and adult eyes only.

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Here are some that have ulterior meanings that didn't fool the Missouri Department of Revenue. Keep in mind this is the PG-13 version. I'll spare you my commentary and just give you "highlights" from the list:

  • 0DAM1T
  • 0LDBLZ
  • 1DEGAF
  • BB00TY
  • D0MN8X
  • **J0E
  • H0EMAD
  • QAN0N

Basically anything that is deemed to be racially-motivated, political, vulgar and/or generally in bad taste were punted. Again, the brief list I've shared is tame compared to the full list which is not for the faint of heart.

Next time you see a funny license plate while driving, keep in mind it could have gone the other way entirely.

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