In an article posted Halloween morning, the Herald-Whig has offered their endorsement of Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Titled “Bizarre Campaign Leaves Many Americans With Significant Concerns About Presidential Candidates”, the 1,400-word piece is a far cry from a celebratory endorsement of Secretary Clinton, addressing concerns surrounding her “trustworthiness” and “penchant for secrecy”. Rather, the author alludes to the popular argument that neither Clinton nor her opponent, Donald Trump, are an ideal choice in the eyes of many a voter.

According to the article, “The race for president of the United States features two of the most polarizing, unpopular major-party candidates in modern American history engaged in a campaign that can only generously be described as bizarre.:

Calling attention as well to Trump’s widely-publicized gaffes and political controversies, the piece warns that if elected, the Republican nominee would become “the least-fit, least-qualified major-party candidate to seek the office in modern American history.”

Dismissing the microscopic chance of a third party victory by Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, the Herald-Whig declares “Hillary Clinton, despite obvious and significant concerns, [is] the only remaining option for voters.”

To read the endorsement in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

What do you think? Did the Herald-Whig get it right?

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