Y101’s loveable groundhog, "U-Babe", has escaped again this year and we want him back.

Be listening to the Y101 morning show for clues as to where he might be.  If you find him and bring him back to us you will win a prize package worth over $200! If you miss the daily clues, check back each day as we'll list them below...

Day 1 Clues

  • U-Babe is close to the border
  • U-Babe likes locks

Day 2 Clues

  • U-Babe has checked through life and is bobbing along
  • U-Babe is heading to this country’s hometown

Day 3 Clues

  • U-Babe has passed under a railroad bridge
  • U-Babe has made his way to shore

Day 4 Clues

  • U-Babe is tired of swimming and is not quite going to take a leap into the water again.
  • U-Babe is South of a Pavilion

Day 5 Clues

  • U-Babe loves America's Hometown (especially inside the levee)
  • U-Babe is looking too "board" these days

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