Urban legends remind me of the telephone game; they start off true (or at best, believable), and throughout the years, the story seems to change and get more "made-up." One of Quincy's most famous urban legends is that of the "Levee Walker" (though I hadn't heard of it until today). However, there seems to be several Levee Walker urban legends.

According to Qtown.info, there a a few different stories (legends) of The Levee Walker. One such tale takes place when the levee was first being constructed and a husband had found out one of his co-workers was having an affair with his wife. So depending on who you talk to, either the body of the husband or the body of the co-worker is buried under the levee. The story goes on to say that if you find yourself walking the levee at night, you might see a ball of light which is supposedly the man trying to have you help him put his body to rest.

Another Levee Walker urban legend takes place in the '80s. The story is about teenagers hanging out by the levee at night doing stuff that teenagers should not be doing. An old man that lived nearby was tired of the constant partying, so he decided to do something about it. He dressed in black and was going to scare the teenagers, which he did. One of the frightened teens then jumped in the car, slammed on the gas, and ran the old man over. When the teenager went back the next day to see what they ran over, all they saw was a broken lantern.

I couldn't find any definitive proof that either of these instances actually occurred...but I couldn't find any proof they didn't either. I suppose we'll never really know. I guess that's what makes them urban legends.

By the way, I love this kinda of stuff, so if you know of other urban legends I would love to know them.

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