The Christmas season means baking cookies, decorating the tree, preparing for Jolly Ol' Saint Nick, and unfortunately reintroducing that darn Elf On the Shelf.

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If you don't already know what Elf On the Shelf is, consider yourself lucky. It's based on a book where the elf watches over your kids and returns to the North Pole each night to let Santa know if your kiddos have been good or bad. The thing is, every time your elf returns home he/she has to be in a different spot. I have set up our own elf, Candy Cane, in some pretty unique and creative ways.

But now is time for Candy Cane to return and I am dreading it. It's not just coming up with creative ways of displaying the elf that I'm worried about. It's remembering to do it in the first place. My go to excuse for when I forget: "Candy Cane had no report to tell Santa, so she stayed in one place." Yeah I know it's lame, but hey it works. This year, Candy Cane is quaratined for 14-days, so I'm kinda lucky. For now anyway!

My girls wanted an elf so bad that I caved and I am paying for it. It's definitely a love/hate relationship, but when the girls wake up and see Candy Cane in a different spot in the house, the looks on their faces are what the Christmas magic is all about.

Thank goodness for Pintreset and social media for helping me come up with new situations for Candy Cane. She will make a glorious return tomorrow. It's just part of having the magic of Christmas last a little longer for my girls.

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