When you're tooling around Hannibal for National Tom Sawyer Days, hit up the town's most iconic restaurant for one of their new boozy floats!

Mark Twain Dinette, or the spinning root-beer place as my family knows it, has recently upgraded its look and added to its menu.  The new popular favorite is a selection of alcohol-added shakes and floats.

You know, nothing says summer in America's Hometown better than ice cream swimming in Huckleberry juice, pineapple juice and champagne.  You can get a hard root-beer or hard orange float.  Also available are the Sweet Child of Wine Shake and the Apple'ly Ever After Shake.  And for a really decadent experience, try the concoction of coffee-milk stout, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup topped with a fresh glazed donuts.

If boozy shakes aren't your thing, you're always safe with the Dinette's headliner, the homemade root-beer float.  Since its founding in 1942, the Mark Twain Dinette has brewed its own root-beer served in frosty mugs.  For just $5, you can bring home a gallon of root-beer.

The Dinette is known for its local favorites like the maidrite, fried chicken and my personal favorite, the tenderloin. The upgraded menu though features new items like an avacado hummus vegan taco and truffle fries.

Located at Third and Hill Streets, the Mark Twain Dinette is the first shop to greet you in the downtown Hannibal district. Stop in during Tom Sawyer Days!

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