Sarah Deien
Sarah Deien

There's been a stalemate in the gas war on Hannibal's Mark Twain Ave.  Prices jumped 20 cents on Monday at the gas stations that have been battling for customers.  All stations on the avenue are offering gas for $2 per gallon at this writing (December 10).

Here is the original story:

Hannibal's gas war is in its third week and people all over are cashing in on the savings.

As of this writing, three gas stations on Mark Twain Avenue in Hannibal are charging $1.79 per gallon.  Actually, if you're one of those people who count fractions of pennies, then specifically it's $1.78 and 9/10 cents.  The price fluctuates and may drop a penny or two throughout the day.  It's kind of fun driving past and checking the marquees for the latest price.

It's a common knowledge around town that gas prices on Mark Twain Avenue always run about a dime cheaper than the other stations on Highway 61 in Hannibal.  With this gas war though, prices are 43 cents cheaper when you make the little detour downtown.  A fill-up on the main drag through Hannibal will cost $2.22 per gallon.

A driver from Quincy can save anywhere from $15 to $20 on a tank of gas if they cross over to downtown Hannibal to fill up.  Hopefully while they're in town, they'll spend some time and some money shopping in town.  It's a gift to Hannibal merchants and consumers alike.  Cheers to the gas stations that are spreading the holiday spirit!

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