If you are planning on going to Hannibal Regional Hospital and using the main entrance to the facility you will have access to do that only thru this Monday.  After that the main entrance will be off limits to allow construction of a new roundabout. Officials at Hannibal Regional Hospital obviously will remain open during the construction time period but access to the hospital will be altered. The official Hannibal Regional Hospital news release provided two alternatives for people to utilize during the roundabout construction:

"OPTION 1 is for patients and families to head toward the medical campus coming from HWY MM and turning north onto Shinn Lane. Patients can then turn left onto Forrest Drive to reach their healthcare provider.

OPTION 2 is for patients and families coming from HWY 36. Patients can take the off-ramp and turn south onto Shinn Lane, they will then need to turn west onto Emergency Drive to reach their healthcare provider. Please be aware that ambulances utilize Emergency Drive and they have the right of way. If an ambulance is behind you, turn on your blinker, slow down and allow the ambulance to pass."

The roundabout idea was proposed by Klingner & Associates after a 2014 traffic study was done according to the Herald Whig. According to the study, some 2,000 people work in that area. The City of Hannibal plans on using funding from the Missouri Department of Transportation to offset part of the $1-million project which is projected to be completed this fall.

For the latest information on construction updates, visit expansion.hannibalregional.org.

Roundabout Map
Hannibal Regional Hospital (Click to Enlarge)

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