I went to lunch the other day with my former co-workers Dennis Oliver and David P. Norman and we were talking about craft beers and how they have become very popular over the years. Having visited other locals outside the Hannibal-Quincy area, I have found that micro-breweries are booming all over the country.  One such hot spot is Fort Collins, Colorado. Being a college town, it is somewhat understandable that these types of beers are extremely popular.  It is a far cry from ordering a Budweiser, Miller or Coors product like in the good old days. As a matter of fact you might not even find those beers at all in most micro-breweries.

Making a craft beer takes work and experience with the fermentation process needed for brewing. That was the topic on a recent Feast TV episode that included a visit to the Mark Twain Brewery in Hannibal.


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