Sometimes you look for Airbnb's that are far away from here, but what about those nice places right in our backyard? I found a Hannibal Airbnb that has epic Mississippi River and sometimes eagle views.

This is known as the Rocky Top Guesthouse. It's very nice and doesn't require you to be as rich as a Kardashian to stay there. Check out some pics.

Hannibal Airbnb Has Mississippi River and Sometimes Eagle Views

It looks like this Airbnb is hosted by Ted. Here's a little bit of how he describes what you can expect from his listing:

Complete your stay with a magnificent view of the Mississippi River from this private guesthouse sitting high on the bluff. It is located only 1.2 miles from downtown historic Hannibal where there are restaurants and shops, visitor attractions and parks.

As of this writing, the cost for a stay in this nice place is only $106 per night. Seems like those that stay in Ted's Airbnb are pretty happy. With well over 200 reviews, the average rating is a whopping 4.99 out of 5. Near perfection.

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Ted also mentions potentially being available for wine tastings maybe if that's your thing. Check out the full Airbnb listing for updates, more details and pics.

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