If you like the idea of zooming down a mountain, you can now do it for real in Grafton, Illinois as there's a new mountain coaster and it's officially ready for prime time.

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As I shared in December of 2021, a mountain coaster had been announced for the Grafton, Illinois area. Good news. The Aerie's Alpine Coaster is now open and ready for high speed descents.

What's it like to ride it? Let's find out. There are multiple people that recently shared video of their trips down the Aerie's Alpine Coaster. It looks epic. This is the first alpine coaster anywhere in Illinois, by the way.

This guy shared a unique viewpoint showing his reactions and the mountain view ahead of him.

The Aerie's Alpine Coaster website says it has "4,000 feet of track, 7 hair-pin turns, and 8 waves/twisters". That looks about right.

If this looks like fun to you, it appears that the coaster is only open Thursdays through Sundays right now from 11am until 5p according to the official Aerie's Alpine Coaster website. Still, it's awesome to know there is now a mountain coaster option in our part of America. No need to travel to Colorado for mountain fun.

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