I have ridden the Ninja rollercoaster at Six Flags in St. Louis probably a zillion times in my life and that's only a slight exaggeration. Now, you can ride it whether you're at Six Flags or not if you have a decent computer thanks to a genius that created it in a video game.

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If you're somehow not familiar with The Ninja, it's a steel roller coaster that debuted at Six Flags in 1989 and is coming back in 2023. Did you know that someone has recreated Six Flags in the PC game Planet Coaster? This is how The Ninja looks in Planet Coaster. It looks like real life in a way that will drop your jaw.

There's a reason that the official Six Flags website says that the thrill level for The Ninja is "maximum". You would think the ride would be smooth since it's on steel rails, but you'd be wrong. It's one of the jerkiest coasters I've ever been on especially in the famous corkscrews near the end of the ride. The Planet Coaster version is accurate, but can't convey that feeling of your spine feeling like it's snapping like the real Ninja conveys. Still, this digital recreation of The Ninja and Six Flags overall completely nails the visuals. Just make sure you have a PC that has a good graphics card that can run it smoothly.

It's amazing what technology can do to allow anyone to experience the point of view on a roller coaster most of us have memorized after all these years.

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