Every once in a while, like when the lottery is worth 620 million bucks, I buy a few tickets. To prove my point, I haven't purchased one since that mega drawing a few weeks ago. But there are thousands who do buy those tickets regularly and some of them might be able to be reimbursed by the Illinois Lottery. Apparently, a computer glitch has caused some 3000 tickets for the Illinois Lottery Quick-Pick game to be invalid. According to Mike Lang of the Illinois Lottery, in an article in the Quincy Herald Whig and reported by the Chicago Tribune, a glitch occurred while new software was being uploaded to the machines around the state. This caused some machines not to clear out old numbers (or numbers that were previously given to other purchasers) so old numbers were given to new tickets. The Lottery learned of the problem last week and has since fixed the problem.
It wasn't all that bad for ticket purchasers because there were 340 duplicate prizes that were winners. According to the article, customers can get reimbursed with new Quick-Pick tickets. Check with your local lottery outlets.

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