Death is inevitable, but death by gender reveal is avoidable.

I am the type of person who doesn't like to tell other people how to live their lives, or judge people for what they choose to do with their lives. Obviously would I prefer my parents to stop smoking? Yes, have I tried to convince them to stop smoking? Yes, do I let that get in the way of how much I love my parents? No. But there are certain things that I see in life that I simply don't understand, will never understand, and can't just be quiet about.

I saw this story on Buzzfeed (CLICK HERE) about a man who died from an explosive device meant to go off revealing the gender of his soon to be child. He was 28. In the article they detail other tragic stories like this one, where people have died due to gender reveals. I don't get it... Life is deadly enough with car crashes, random health issues like cancer, heart attacks, strokes... why in the world have we as a society gotten to the point where people are dying due to gender reveals?

Maybe this is hitting so close to home because my little brother is 28 and a soon to be Dad, first niece or nephew for me, and I say niece or nephew because they have chosen to not find out the sex of their baby until it is born. I'm not here to judge or tell anyone how to live their lives BUT...MAYBE....JUST MAYBE.... if you are out there and are thinking about a gender reveal that involves EXPLOSIVES... stop for a second and ask yourself "why?"

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