I love this although it does seem a bit risky. A gender reveal was recently completed with the blessed couple learning if it was a girl or boy by a massive burnout. Get er done.

Why the dramatic reveal? It seems the couple had been hoping for a boy for quite some time as the backstory on YouTube reveals:

Gender reveal done. They had 2 girls currently and always wanted a boy. They got what they asked for.

Watch and enjoy the redneck awesomeness.

The comments on YouTube were both excited and concerned. Here are some favorites:

Blüe - " Are they standing PREGNANT IN FRONT of a BURNOUT?? I can imagine the tragedy waiting to happen here... ???"

The answer is yes and I have to admit I had the same thought.

derek nicol - "Looks like old skool Falcon"

Leave it to a guy to immediately wonder what type of muscle car that was.

usynn stradler - "How are there so many people there? Do people actually have that many friends? Lol"

Great question. How do you get so many friends? I guess leaving the house more is required.

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Congrats to the happy couple. Glad you didn't get hit by the muscle car which can only be said if you're a special forces redneck and I mean that as a compliment.

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