It's not only April, but the last half of April. Tax Day has come and gone. Easter is over. We're just a little over a month away from Memorial Day. And there were snow flurries this morning. What? 

To say the weather has been odd is probably the mildest description possible. When was the last time we had snow on the same day as a flood? Oh yeah, last Thursday. But before that?

In 2010 there was a blizzard. In 2011 there was a heat wave. In 2012 there was a drought. So far in 2013 we've seen two major snowstorms which included thunder snow, temperatures up and down, a tornado last week, and a flood. Aren't we overdue for some average weather?

If you had to come up with a word or phrase to describe our weird 2013 weather, what would it be? Here are a few that we decided on, but please chime in with your own.

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