Okay Mother Nature, we need to have a little talk. I need to go through my closet and put all my winter clothes away, but it looks like you have another plan for one last blast of cold weather.

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There. I told her. Now she's going to listen and give all of us good weather so us moms out there can put all those winter clothes away for our kiddos, planting flowers, and just letting us finally open our house windows to let in some fresh air. This "sprinter" (spring + winter) has been the craize3st, I was wearing shorts and t-shirts two weeks ago, and now a blast of cold air and snow is headed our way. I'm sick of it. I already put my winter jackets away, well guess their breaking out tomorrow.

My kids want to ride their bikes, play outside, and get dirty and muddy. Me? I just want to really spring clean my house, keep the windows open and enjoy some spring weather before its 90 degrees outside and hot and humid. Now I know the snow won't stick, but the face that we still have a 90% chance of it happening, ugh just make up your mind Mother Nature for my sanity please.

Get it together, Mother Nature! I don't know what you're thinking but we are all over this snowy, cold, windy weather. Can you kindly grace us with warmer temps and sunshine? We're all needing some serious Vitamin D!

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