The documentary Free Solo--this year’s Academy Award-winner for Best Documentary—is coming to the small screens by way of basic cable for one night only.

The National Geographic Channel will air the Oscar-winning documentary without commercial interruptions on March 3 at 8:00 pm. This will presumably be your only chance to see it for free for quite some time.

The film depicts the daring acts of “free soloist” rock climber Alex Honnold as he attempts to scale a 3,200 foot cliff in Yosemite National Park without a rope. I know, crazy, right?

After seeing the trailer for the film, it seems like one that would be incredible to see in theatres, but I’ll settle for the next best thing in the comfort of my own home (especially for free). It’s not often we get the chance to check out these major documentaries during their theatrical runs, so I’ll definitely be setting the DVR and catching this one when it airs.


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