We live in a world where unfortunately Batman and Superman are only real in movies. That's too bad because there's a Missouri man who's on the run that's accused of trafficking children which is why he's one of the FBI's Most Wanted.

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The man the FBI are seeking is Donald Eugene Fields II. He's wanted for allegedly doing very bad things involving children. Here's what the FBI said he's accused of:

Donald Eugene Fields II is wanted for the alleged sex trafficking of at least one child in Missouri between approximately 2013 - 2017. It is alleged that he did knowingly attempt to recruit, entice, harbor, transport, provide, obtain, maintain, patronize and solicit a person whom he believed was under the age of l8 years and would be caused to engage in a commercial sex act.

Here are the most recent pictures of Mr. Fields. This one is from 2020.


Here's a more recent picture from 2021 as shared by the FBI.


The FBI believes that Donald Eugene Fields II is still very much in Missouri and most likely Franklin or Phelps County. He's also been known to enjoy frequenting casinos in the St. Louis area.

Here are some physical characteristics that could help identify Donald Eugene Fields II according to the FBI:

Fields II has a scar on his chest, his groin, his left calf, on both legs and both knees.

He's listed at just over 6 feet tall weighing between 219 and 235 pounds.

If you have any information that could help the FBI locate this man, you can submit anonymous tips online. You could help bring an alleged child trafficker to justice once and for all.

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