Back in the early 1960's, these St. Louis restaurant and apartments would have been a happening place. Now, the apartments located in a huge tower sit abandoned and have been that way for the past 7 years. A recent video shows what they look like inside now.

Tom V is the guy with the camera that was granted access to the Lewis & Clark Tower apartments in St. Louis. He gave some backstory about what he found:

Talk about everything left behind! The Lewis and Clark Tower ( aka top of the tower ) was built in the early 1960s North of St Louis and abandoned since 2014.

A story by the Riverfront Times provided even more history of this unique building. They say it was built in 1965 and in its heyday was the place to eat, shop and even bowl. Tom's walkthrough recently shows what's left of it.

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What a shame that so much graffiti now covers its walls.

Tom V via YouTube

This looks like it used to be the bar area of the restaurant.

Tom V via YouTube

Of all the DVD's you DON'T want to find in an abandoned apartment building, it's Silent Hill.

Tom V via YouTube

The good news is that this wall is covered in...salsa and not something else.

Tom V via YouTube

Maybe you've driven by this unique tower building in the North County part of St. Louis. Now you know what it looks like inside of a restaurant and apartment complex that was all the rage over 50 years ago.

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