This was not a large magnitude quake, but there was a shaker that just hit the southwestern part of St. Louis and already nearly a thousand have reported that they felt it.

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According to the USGS, a 2.8 magnitude quake was centered in the southwestern part of the St. Louis metro area at around 5:30pm Friday afternoon. In just the first half hour, nearly 1,000 have reported to the USGS that they felt it.


According to comments on the USGS Facebook share, people said it was "a boom and then a jolt".

According to the USGS report, the New Madrid Seismic Network contributed to this report.

If you recall, there were over 40 earthquakes on the New Madrid Fault in March of 2022 alone. While the USGS has done studies on what would happen if a 7.7 quake hit the New Madrid, there's only a minor chance we'll see an earthquake that large in our lifetime.

You can check the USGS earthquake map anytime to see if this is a stand-alone event or the precursor to something major.

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