I follow earthquakes just about every day of my life because they've always interested in me, but I can't recall ever seeing a quake in the middle of Kansas like there was Friday night? It wasn't a tiny one either.

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I just saw this quake appear on the USGS earthquake shake page tonight. According to the Michigan Tech earthquake magnitude scale, a quake like this would likely only cause minor damage, but would be felt by those in the area. The USGS reports it was a 3.4 magnitude quake that happened at 8:28pm Friday night. UPDATE: That 3.4 quake was just followed up by another 2.9.

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Are there actually earthquake faults in Kansas?

The short answer is not many. The University of Kansas shows two ancient earthquake faults going through the middle of the state - the Nemaha Ridge and Humboldt Fault. It also says that there was a bigger than magnitude 5 quake along these fault lines way back in 1867.

In regards to the 3.4 quake that happened Friday night, the largest recent quake larger than that I can find goes back 9 years to 2014 when there was a 4.9 quake.

Quakes like the Kansas event tonight is one of the reasons I check the USGS earthquake page regularly. You never know when the Earth beneath you is gonna surprise you.

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