Please tell me something. What would prompt someone to fire a pellet gun at a friendly, innocent Duck? In May I wrote a story about what appeared to be a domesticated Duck that was hanging around Moorman Lake in Quincy. You might recall we even had some fun with what should we name the little guy. I have seen him there every time I fish at that sight. But yesterday he wasn't acting right.

People during the summer would stop and he would waddle right up to them. In many ways he has been adopted by the walkers and the people fishing there. He was there this past Sunday and I wondered what will happen to him when the winter weather approaches in the weeks ahead.

When I finished fishing a saw a man feeding him and he turned to me and was mad because he noticed the Duck was shot and there was some blood around him as well. We both saw the entry point of the pellet in the chest of the Duck as we looked at him. While fishing, I noticed he didn't move much the entire time I was there and I thought that was strange. Now I know why.

I contacted Rome Frericks, the Executive Director of the Quincy Park District, and he told me they would try to find the Duck and would take it to a veterinarian for treatment. Shooting a duck is bad enough, but to do it in a city park?

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