I would argue that no place would be a good place if the worst case scenario happens and there's a nuclear attack. However, there are apparently worst places than others based on a new study that claims Illinois would be the one place you would not want to be if the nukes fly.

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There's a brand new study by 24/7 Wall St that declared the worst 15 places to be in the event of a nuclear attack. Way up on their list at #4 is...(*drum roll*)...Chicago.

Why Chicago would be a nuke target

The 24/7 Wall St article explains why the Windy City would be a likely early target if Russia and/or China were suddenly to take an extreme dislike to us saying:

Any attack on O’Hare International Airport, the world’s fourth largest, would severely cripple travel in North America. The city has the third highest GDP of any U.S. metro area after New York and Los Angeles, so its destruction or evacuation would have a major effect on the national economy.

Before I looked at the results of this list, my guess would have been Kansas City due to the nearby military bases and nuclear missile silos, but I understand why Chicago would likely be a bigger blow. Don't underestimate any enemy's desire to cripple the economy and a strike on Chicago would accomplish that. However, if you think about it, ANY kind of nuclear attack would likely end the economy as we know it.

There are some other obvious and a few not so choices on the 24/7 Wall St list you can check out for yourself.

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