Did he not use his feather blinker correctly? Did he not merge onto the highway with his left wing extended? Inquiring minds want to know why video shows Illinois State Police chasing an emu off of a highway and into a field.

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Well played by WTVO and WQRF in Rockford. Their video subtitle is just about perfect:

Something strange is roaming the fields of Central Illinois: an emu on the lamb.

An emu on the lamb? I really wish I had thought of that myself.

This just in. Emus are NOT native to Illinois. I am shocked.

There's no real explanation about where this emu came from or where he's going. It was just a video from a driver showing the Illinois State Police emu chase was on. Spoiler Alert - the emu eluded them.

I never thought I'd say this, but if you see an emu while you're driving down a highway in central Illinois, you need to call someone. I'd start with your friends who will likely never believe you. Then, I'd call the authorities because I'm guessing this emu won't fare well on his/her own without some professional care. My concern is that he'll get cocky and challenge a bull in a field along the highway and it likely wouldn't end well.

However, if you do see an emu challenge a bull in Illinois, you've had a great day.

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