Season four of Netflix's Queer Eye is by far the best, even without the Quincy episode. So many wonderful people deserving of a makeover. There are several organizations that were highlighted in this season and here's how you can donate to all of them.

I did nothing this weekend but watch all eight episodes of Queer Eye, and cried watching every single one. The show is truly more then a makeover, these five men help make the deserving people they help fell better about themselves, and teaches them to take time for themselves.

One of the things I really loved about this season, is there are several organizations that were highlighted, including Quincy's music department, episode 2 - Wesley Hamilton, Disabled But Not Really, and many more. Here's how you can donate to one of these organizations.

Quincy Senior High School - Donate here

Disables But Not Really - Donate here

Pythons Drill Team - Donate here

Latino Arts Festival - Donate here

The Veterans Community Project - Donate here


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