I am not a great cook, but one thing that I have done these past six months is more cooking. I have burned, charred, overcooked, and thrown away so much food it’s sad. However, I can say this, the most popular recipe in Illinois is something that I will NEVER make!

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You would think that tenderloins are Illinois’ most popular recipe, but nope, it's egg salad! Wait, what? Egg Salad? Gross. The only eggs I eat are scrambled; I think it’s the smell, I can’t get pass the smell of egg salad. According to msn.com, Illinoisan’s love egg salad. 

When it comes to comfort food, egg salad is definitely at the top of the list. Illinois was all about making egg salad in quarantine, and we have the perfect (and healthy) recipe you can make.

Why? Several people have searched for a recipe for egg salad because it is described as a comfort food, and we all needed some comfort food these past few months. So, what about Missouri and Iowa?

If you live in Missouri, potato salad seems to be your go to food. Searches for that recipe have increased over 400% since March 1. Iowa, the dessert Tiramisu seems to be your favorite to research and make. Which just so happens to be my favorite dessert, but it’s not an easy recipe.

I going to pass on the egg salad recipe and just keep to my pastas and grilling options.

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