You can't tell the story of the worlds most recognizable skyscraper if you don't start in America's Hometown of Hannibal, Missouri.

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According to's page on the city of Hannibal, Missouri the most iconic skyscraper in the world, the Empire State Building in New York City, got it's concrete from a concrete company just outside the city limits of Hannibal called  Atlas Portland Cement Company. Here's what it actually says on the webpage in the "background" section on Hannibal...

"In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the city has served as a regional marketing center for livestock and grain, as well as other products produced locally, such as cement and shoes. Cement for the Empire State Building (completed 1931) and Panama Canal was manufactured at the Atlas Portland Cement Company in the nearby unincorporated company town of Ilasco."

Now I went on to find out some more information, The Atlas Portland Cement Company according to Wikipedia was not actually based in Hannibal, but was in fact out of Pennsylvania, but the cement that was made in the factory just outside of Hannibal was used in the Building.

This is the kind of cool history that I absolutely love learning about these small communities in the Tri-States, who would have guessed that concrete made in Hannibal would be used on two of the most iconic structures man has ever made. I'm not saying that Mark Twain needs to move over and share the spotlight with concrete from Hannibal BUT it would be a fun fact to add to the Hannibal tourism guide if it's not already in there!

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