By far the most dangerous creature on Earth is back with a vengeance in Missouri. No, it's not black bears, black widow spiders or even Mo-Mo. What's more dangerous than Mo-Mo? It's the critter that kills more people every single year than any other living creature and the problem is worse in Missouri than just about any other place.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation warns that there are more than 50 different species of mosquitos active in the state.

What's so dangerous about mosquitos? They're just an annoying pest, right?

Wrong. The state of Missouri lists the diseases mosquitos carry including "West Nile, Zika, yellow fever, dengue fever, and more; the parasites that cause malaria and elephantiasis; and the bacterium that causes tularemia. They transmit heartworms to dogs".

Oh, and unlike bears which are normally only found in the southern part of Missouri, mosquitos are EVERYWHERE.

Missouri Department of Conservation
Missouri Department of Conservation

I noticed a serious uptick of mosquito activity after the recent storms. While technically you'll start to see mosquitos beginning in April, late May into early June and July is the height of there assault on our skin.

Why are mosquitos considered the most deadly creature on Earth?

It's a documented fact that mosquitos are responsible for 725,000 human deaths every single year and that doesn't include some of the diseases that cripple but don't kill. They may not look the part, but the mosquito is the one critter you really want to ward off at all costs. That is true in Missouri as much as any other place on Earth.

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