It's been said that size doesn't matter. That obviously was not said by someone trying to fit all of the stuff they've accumulated in their life into a small space like this cute 240 square foot tiny barn in southeast Iowa. Could you fit your life into it?

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This tiny barn home located in Fairfield, Iowa became a viral sensation earlier in 2022 when it was available on the Tiny House Marketplace. This itsy bitsy home was built in 2015 and combines the outside barn look with more space than you'd think in its 240 square foot space.

Inside a Super-Unique Tiny House Barn in Southeast Iowa

It fascinates me how builders who specialize in building tiny homes like this can come up with creative spaces to store things. Cabinets built under stairs and beds gives you more useable space than you'd think would be possible in a tiny home like this one in Fairfield. It's no wonder that it quickly sold and is someone's home now.

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