There comes a time when the news media needs to get out of the way. Such was the case yesterday in California.  After a week long search for fired Los Angeles Police Department Cop Chris Dorner, law enforcement authorities managed to surround him in a cabin in Big Bear area of California.

With Dorner inside the cabin, law enforcement was planning their next move in an attempt to get the man who killed three people and wounded others. Law enforcement wasn't the only group planning their next move.  TV news crews were also on the scene preparing to present live pictures of the cabin with Dorner inside. That's exactly what they did with helicopters flying above the scene.

When I got off work, I heard of the situation developing in the mountainside outside of Los Angeles.  I quickly put my TV on and there it was for all to see, the cabin in the wooded area with Dorner supposedly inside. Then I noticed three law enforcement officers up against the cabin peeking around the cabin and hiding under windows on one side of the house. I sat there thinking, my God why don't we just let Dorner know where they are so he can shoot them as well?

What can news directors be thinking?  Is it all about ratings? Do they care if a law enforcement person was placed under a spotlight on TV for all to see including Dorner?Apparently not. Did it make for dramatic TV?  You bet it did. I am mad about it now.  If that was a family member of mine outside that cabin and a TV helicopter uncovered their presence with a live TV shot I would be furious about it.

Ratings mean money in the TV business and apparently it's ratings equal money at the expense of the very people who are trying to keep us safe. It's time for the news media to back off in situations like this. We need police officers more than live shots.

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