This is one of those stories where you fear it will have a tragic ending. Thanks to the efforts of an entire Missouri community, it didn't. Many residents rallied together and collectively helped find a 2-year-old Missouri boy who had gotten lost in the woods.

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The Ozark County Sheriff's Office shared this inspiring post on Facebook on April 1. It told the story of a toddler named Waylon who had gotten out of his Tecumseh, Missouri home and ventured into the woods. More than 100 Missouri residents in that community were determined to find Waylon before it was too late and they were successful.

It's not exactly breaking news that we live in a troubled world. Tragic headlines everywhere, but this fortunately isn't one of those. Instead, it gives some hope that communities are filled with heroes like this that selflessly devote their time to helping a family in crisis. A 2-year-old alone in the woods is a terrible thing to imagine. However, it's now a happy ending that everyone in Tecumseh, Missouri should be mighty proud of.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some just care enough to give their time to help their neighbors in need.

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