I read an article in the Quincy Herald Whig recently regarding a woman who was wearing a t-shirt that had a four letter word on it.  She was flying American Airlines when she was confronted by the pilot who asked that she cover up her shirt so as not to offend the other passengers. Hats off to the pilot!

I have to wonder where people get off thinking we all want to read the material that they are wearing, in this case, or have displayed on their cars or trucks for all to see. If  I had a 7 or 8 year old son or daughter with me in a car when I approached a vehicle in front of me with what I considered an offensive bumper sticker, I would not be happy having to explain the words or what that bumper sticker meant.

Trust me, I am not a prude, but when it becomes offensive to others its time to take a stand. Kids grow up way too fast without classless adults speeding up the process with useless verbiage on a bumper or window sticker.

I'd like to think someone just might throw the 1st amendment in my face, but I don't suspect the people who place these stickers on the cars and trucks even have a clue as to what amendment I am even talking about.



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