One of former Mayor John Spring's desires was to have the Quincy Bayview Bridge illuminated at night. With a new administration in place for the city, I am not sure just where that plan stands.  

Having seen other cities light up their bridge spans makes me think that lighting our bridge is not a bad idea. If the current Mayor, Kyle Moore, elects to pursue the idea I would like to suggest an additional idea. Why not construct a "Welcome to Quincy" lighted sign as well?

As you drive into Quincy from West Quincy you can see the city skyline and the lights of the city but a big red sign that says "Welcome to Quincy" would be a great addition to the view. As you look from West Quincy, I even thought placing this sign on the rooftop of the Microtel Inn and Suites would be a great location (given their permission of course).

Just a thought. I await yours.

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