The City Wide Clean Up date has been announced by the City of Quincy and has been scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.  City residents may take their items for disposal to the clean up site at Front and Delaware Streets during those hours.

This year's hours have been reduced two hours from past years in order to comply with new Department of Transportation guidelines for the drivers of the trucks hauling the waste.

A list of restricted items is listed below..  For questions or additional information, please call the City of Quincy’s Central Services Department at 217-228-4520.


In accordance with local, State and Federal disposal regulations, the following list of items is banned from being placed in sanitary landfills.

Any Type of Free Flowing Liquid, including but not limited to: Waste Oil, Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Transmission Fluids, Brake Fluids, Fuel, Paint, Stains, Finishes (including enamel, oil and latex based), Thinners, Turpentines.

Any Type of Poison, including but not limited to: Drain Cleaners, Disinfectants, Toilet Cleaners, Insecticides, Pesticides, Flea Collars and Sprays, Roach and Ant Killers, Floor or Furniture Polish, Bleach, Ammonia and Ammonia Based Cleaners, Abrasive Cleaners, Mothballs.

Any Type of Yard Waste, including but not limited to: Grass, Grass Clippings, Weeds, Garden Clippings, Brush, Tree Limbs, Leaves, Stumps, Branches, Bushes, Shrubs, Dead Plants.

Any Type of Appliance or White Good Still Containing Freon, including but not limited to: Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Water Coolers.

Any Type of Battery, including but not limited to: Car, Truck, Tractor and Equipment Batteries, Computer Back-Up Batteries, Small Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 6 Volt, 9 Volt).

Any Type of Medical Waste, including but not limited to: Sharps, Needles, Human Blood, Blood Products, Human Waste and Waste Products, Blood Soaked Material, Empty or Full Red Bags Used for Medical Waste.

Any Type of Tire, including but not limited to: Car, Truck, Tractor, Lawn Mower, Off-Road Tires.

Any Type of Creosoted Treated Wood, including but not limited to: Railroad Ties, Telephone or Electrical Poles, Treated Lumber.

Any Type of Fuel Tank, including but not limited to: Automobile, Truck, Tractor, Mower, Barbeque Grills, Liquid Petroleum.

Any Type of Electrical Equipment or Component, including but not limited to: Televisions, Computers, Computer Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Fax Machines, Cellular Telephones, Stereos and Stereo Components, Digital Video Players and Recorders, Compact Disc Players, Video Cassette Records.

Any Type of Material or Item That Could Injure Our Employees, Damage Our Equipment or Harm the Environment.

Allied Waste Services of Quincy reserves the right to add items to this list based on new regulations or guidelines as needed and required. In addition, they also reserve the right to not collect any item, listed or not, that they deem to be a hazard to their employees, the public, their equipment or the environment.

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