What would you do if you found out this coming Monday that you had the one million dollar winning ticket and failed to claim it in time? That is the dilemma facing someone out there. 

According to a report in last night's Quincy Herald Whig, a year ago someone in Wood Dale, Illinois purchased what turned out to be a winning St. Patrick's Day raffle ticket from the Illinois Lottery at a TJVS Marathon store.  That ticket number was 413224 and it has gone unclaimed for almost a year. The owner of the ticket has until Sunday to claim the prize of one million dollars.

Imagine waking up Monday and finding that ticket in a shirt pocket of a shirt you hadn't worn since last St. Patrick's Day.  I have no idea what I would do after that.  A million bucks out the window because I forgot to check my ticket.   Hopefully, that person will step forward before Sunday and claim his or her winnings.

And remember who wrote this blog if you read this and it reminded you to check your winning ticket.  I'll take a 15% cut ...thank you!

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