I'm a dad so I'm all about saving money. However, I'm not willing to do it if it will jeopardize my life or that of my family. That's kind of the issue with what has just been named Kansas City, Missouri's cheapest neighborhood. Yes, it's cheap, but boy oh boy does it have some terrifying issues.

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It's rankings like this that prove my point that you really need to do a lot of research before you decide to move somewhere. Take this new article by Homesnacks. It ranks the "cheapest neighborhoods in Kansas City, Missouri" which is helpful. If you're looking only for the cheapest place, this would qualify. Do I recommend it? Oh, no no no...

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

By the numbers only, Oak Park Southwest is the cheapest neighborhood in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Cost of living, home prices and rental rates are all among the lowest in Missouri. Wonder why that is? Oh, right. CRIME. 

Area Vibes gives Oak Park Southwest an F rating for crime and that's probably being generous. Rape is double the national average there while robbery is triple and assaults are...off the charts - more than 4 times the national average. Ouch. Literally.

Oh, and don't leave your vehicle unlocked there as thefts are more than 4 times the national average.

Let's also say that many of the families that live there don't have a lot of options. Poverty is a hard hole to climb out of and this part of Kansas City sadly has lots of it. You just hope that those who call Oak Park Southwest home find a way to make it safely through a day. In that part of Kansas City, that is sadly an achievement.

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