If you were wanting to take the entire family to a game this season, here is a great opportunity to go see the Cardinals and save some money. Or grab a group of friends and have a day at the ball park. The Cardinals are offering tickets for just $4 in June!

Through a partnership with Budweiser, tickets are available for just four bucks for the following six games: June 5-7 (vs. the Miami Marlins) and June 11-13 (vs. the San Diego Padres). To make matters even better, neither of these teams are very good, so chances are likely that you’ll be seeing a Redbird winner. And all for just four dollars! Sorry, not much we can do as far as the price of beer (or gas to get there for that matter).

For most of the listed dates, tickets are available in the 1st and 3rd Base Pavilion, Right/Left Field Pavilion, Infield Terrace, and First Base Terrace. Check the website for specifics and ticket availability. As far as I can tell, the promotion goes until the tickets are gone, but I wouldn’t wait too long if you’re wanting to buy!

I haven’t made it to a game this season (yet, anyway), so this might be the perfect opportunity!

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